Keynote Publishing New York

Where Expressions are Cultivated.

At Keynote Publishing New York, our goal as a publishing company is to make any new or established author and their book ready for publishing success.

Located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City we understand the hustle and bustle of what it takes to create a sellable published masterpiece. 

With expert customer service we put our clients' needs at the forefront with ongoing professional development. Our tactics and approach are designed to help our clients meet their goals with the publishing services we provide. 

Keynote Publishing New York is reputable, exceptional, our work quality is outstanding and our reach is global.

Our Book Publishing Process


As an established publishing company we provide exceptionally sought after professional services which are studiously tailored to each clients' specific publishing needs.

These include:


Our services are varied to cater to each author's publishing needs and are performed with meticulous oversight in order to produce a product that is not only satisfactory, but upholds to industry standards. 

Once your book is typeset to perfection, your book will be ready for distribution with notable retailers including Amazon KDP, Barnes & Nobles, Apple iBookstore etc.


With our print-on-demand service guide, authors are set up with their own print-on-demand account in their name with the net income from each book sale deposited directly to the author's bank account. 

Our author's retain 100% rights, earn 100% proceeds and have 100% control over the entire process.