From Manuscript to Market

With the incorporation of end-to-end book design and publishing services, Keynote Publishing New York enables authors from all genres to publish their books successfully no matter what stage of publishing they are in. A full comprehensive range of services is offered which includes the added benefits of hands on project management and responsive customer service. 

Approaching each project with the understanding that every book is different and every author is unique, enables a customized experience from beginning to end. 

Review our publishing services and get expert guidance from a dedicated author manager.

Our Publishing Services

Editorial Services

Editing is an important process that ensures your published book meets professional standards. Our evaluation process provides preliminary feedback on your manuscript. Depending on your editorial needs you can either select one editorial service or a combination of each.

Get a professional evaluation without committing to a full edit. The first 75 pages of your manuscript will be reveiwed with comments on the research, writing and overall clarity with a breakdown of services needed to improve the overal product. Cost $200

This process corrects grammer, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. In addition, correcting problems in logical flow, consistency, redundancy and factual content while making suggestions to help correct these issues. Cost $40 (per 1,000 words)

End-to-end professional proofreading of the print-ready manuscript, narrowly identifying grammer, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling errors which includes markups in PDF. Cost $20 (per 1,000 words) 

Encompassing the areas in copyediting and proofreading, a substantive edit also involves the following factors: the intended audience, the mauscripts structure and logic flow. With a more hands on approach, the editor may suggest re-wording unclear writing to improve flow and clarity by restructuring sentences, paragraphs and chapters where needed. Cost $100 (per 1,000 words) 

Interior Page Formatting and Design

Interior page design is the manner in which your text, illustrations, images etc are professionally placed in order to make your book a welcoming and enjoyable experience for your readers. How these elements are structured highly impacts the success of your book. Designing for print or eBook goes beyond setting the right margins and particular fonts. 

This interactive process between publisher and author, will enable us to provide an initial sample of ideas. Once a decision to move forward is agreed to, your book will be typeset to professional standards. 

Prices are set for black and white books of up to 50,000 words, any page size with up to 20 seperate layouts included (images, tables, sidebars, footnotes etc.) Additional layouts are $8 each. 

Prices include one free proofread. Additional proofread is $20 per 1,000 words.

eBook Formatting

eBook formatting is just as impactful as a book's interior page design and formatting. eBook formating ensures your eBook will display well on each reader's device. If your book has already been professionally typeset the prices are set as below, however the price will vary if your manuscript requires more work upon evaluation.

Book Cover Design

A book cover design is the first impression an author makes to his or her readers and potential audience. The images and title used can either attract or repel. With that said, finalizing the right cover design is an important decision for long term success.

Depending on your needs, whether starting from scratch with concepts in mind or on hand, whether your needs are geared towards a combination of an eBook and book cover design and whether your design concept is simple or more complex #KPNY is here to assist. 

Book Cover Design Price Range (includes front, back and spine):

Additional Services:

Printing and Distribution

Keynote Publishing New York connects authors with established book printers in the US who will print and ship your books per bulk order directly to you. If an author prefers a less costly option, #KPNY provides expert guidance on print-on-demand services offered by Amazon KDP, IngramSpark etc. We assist authors with setting up distribution accounts in their name so that they keep all royalties sent directly to their bank accounts.


Depending on your illustration needs, whether your audience is for young children or teens, #KPNY is here to assist using digital art design software applications and advanced techniques. Our wide range of artistic designs include manga and comic illustrations

Author Website Design

To maximize an authors outreach, having a personal website to interact with your audience and loyal readers is an excellent way to not only generate income but a great way to market yourself and your books. 

#KPNY can assist with setting up your very own website. 

Rates depend on author's requirements, layout and complexity of the website. 


Package Deals

Keynote Publishing New York offers an end-to-end publishing package customized to your specific needs. An author can tailor this package based on the services #KPNY offers. 

Typically a publishing package can range between $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the services needed, the word count and content.